The history of Meenk

During 1900

Dutch Luxury

Luxury in Holland. That sounds like a contradiction. Yet Meenk knows how to make a luxury experience from a real Dutch product. We use only the best natural ingredients and make all liquorice by hand. This traditional handicraft is done in the old-Dutch town of Winschoten. Here, we create our legendary 'school chalks’by panning by hand in in beautiful copper kettles. A process that takes no less than six days to complete and can only be carried out by professionals with years of experience. Step by step, the liquorice is provided with thin layers of sugar to give them that very specific 'bite' of a real Meenk school chalk.

So much care and attention makes a very luxurious experience of one of the most common Dutch products.

Since 1900, Meenk has done it this way. Dr. Meenk was a pioneer and set the highest standards for his products, with the aim of making the best liquorice in the Netherlands. Now, more than 100 years later, we are still striving for the same goal: to make the best liquorice of the Netherlands with our knowledge, craftsmanship and 100% natural ingredients.

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